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Few fact about myself

My name is Martin and I am a Software engineer.
I love Internet Technology.
I am an enthusiast for Digital and IT - I have 8 years of experience as a Web Developer.
Recently I have been interested in SmartHome's and blochchain network (Cryptocurrencies).

I gained the basic excerience with iOS Swift language at the Technical University in Košice.
I created an iOS "RunLife" application (Sport Tracker) as an outcome of my Bachelor thesis. I also did a Case-Study for learning programming language Swift 2.0. It is a tutorial on how to create applications with a zero exceprience in this field. Check the webside of the study here, Source code of Study here and Source code of the application here.
During my Ing. studies at the University I focused on speech synthesis. Primarily I used the WaveNet software to generate a raw audio waveform.

Year 2013 was The Year! It was when I created my own CMS System (BesomCMS). BesomCMS is a greenfield project with following technologies: procedural PHP 5, MySQL Database, HTML/CSS and javasript. It provides features as Admin interface with managing users, roles&permissions, managing order content, navigation, pages, articles as well as many widgets such as newsletter, collecting of emails and statistics.

Currently I have been working as a Web Developer at ESET, Slovakia.


Are better when we can use them

Coding skills

  • PHP Frameworks Laravel, Nette
  • Database MySQL
  • Basic Java, C
  • Basic Swift in iOS
  • Code portfolio

Design Skills

  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Create app design by Storyboard
  • Photoshop CS6, CorelDraw X4
  • Design portfolio

Day to day comfort

  • LESS / Sass ( SCSS )
  • JS Task Runner Gulp, Grunt
  • JavaScript / jQuery (basic)
  • Version Control ( GIT )
  • Bootstrap
  • Responsive Layout and Design

Experiences with

  • Project management
  • Backend architecture
  • Database model architecture
  • Frontend (Design) architecture
  • Vue.js (limited)
  • Ldap
  • NPM modules
  • Composer
  • vagrant for virtual machine
  • Blade template engine
  • Agile Methodology

Work Experience

My works experiences

Web Developer

ESET, From January 2019 - now

Freelancer IT

Freelancer, Software Engineer, From 2014 - now

During this period i made a lot of things. For companies like KBS Development, VisionT, VIP Trust,..

Employee helping, WAT

Sun Valley Resort, Sun Valley, Idaho, USA. From Juni 2017 - Sep 2017

I worked all summer for improve my English skills. I learned strategy, business and make interesting things. I had free time for travel and make energy.

Software engineer

NESS, From May 2016 - May 2017

I worked on Intern project. We have developed a complex backend and frontend systems for employee management.

CEO, Software Engineer, Kosice, Slovakia. From Sep 2016 - now

Dojdi join people by means of big events. Across Slovakia you will find events, concerts, community days, social and sporting events. Slovak project.


My portfolio for more information click on project


Personal Website about my strong interest, experiences and works. This site.


Dojdi join people by means of big events. Across Slovakia you will find events, concerts, community days, social and sporting events. Slovak project.


International truck transport to across the Europe. Driver training, driver courses, passenger truck and truck car service.


You can select your favorite modpack for World of Tanks. Modpack, skins and more...

Fitness centers

Find a fitness center or coach in your area. Fitness and everything around it under the name Fitness Czech.


Modern methods of the speech synthesis with the application on the Slovak language, Master's degree work 2018

The aim of this diploma thesis is to train Wavenet from the freely available CSTR VCTK database. By which we can then try to generate synthesized random sound. Then we will prepare a corpus of Slovak. We start training Wavenet using the Tensorflow-WaveNet program for the corpus of the Slovak language.

Case study for learning Swift language, Bachelor work 2016

Case study for learning programming on language Swift Apple. During cource we will make 2 mini application for presenting some choises and then we will make 1 medium application Sport Tracker "RunLife". Check source code and Visit Case study.

RunLife, iOS Swift application 2016

Swift iOS application something as SportTracker but this is RunLife. RunLife is mobile application which records sport activity. Video live here.

Besom CMS, CMS system PHP 2013

Besom CMS is CMS based on procedural PHP. Big CMS system for everything Blog, Magazine, personal website, bussiness website and more. It is like as Wordpress. This system created for people which need simplify website about them. Check source code and Visit website here.


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